Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tawakkal only i can say

tomorrow i'm gonna receive my result from my second sem at UITM.. after my first sem my result not so good.. i strive the best 4 this sem.. but i still dont know how the result gonna come out soon.. ya allah.. it freaking me out..  last sem i'm really sad with the result and i almost angry n unsatisfied with what i got ( it mean not grateful to ALLAH) n i blame others.. not to my self.. i almost becoming depress because my mom..my dad n my family likely blame to me.. they dont even see how i work on that exm.. wht they look only at the result... frustrating... i hate it...!!

but then.. when i enter sec sem... i try the best tht i could.. but nothing really gonna be well like wht u arrange.. all tht thing back to allah.. i know all of tht things... at last sem  i dont know y my english wasn't good enough like my frenz.. also other things.. i work hard more then them n they r more likely relax n done nothing..but they result became more successful then me.. WHY??!!~~~ tht things enter my head long time ago... i know tht things is wrong...but tht time is syaitan easily control u isn't? =)

after sec sem i met more great people from PRM or persatuan rakan masjid.. i let me easily to take over back my mind n heart.. u know.. every people have their different mind or though.. ALLAH know better things better than me isn't? i know HE meant something about tht things... i hope HE give me a better things after i lost somethings.. insyaallah.. ^^

i'll try never give up!!! if there is things block me.. i'll never eva stop.. live like the plant above tht they can live any place n can grow up then there my them self n can stand the strong wind...
but first wht i need is help from ALLAH, my family n my frenzz also all of u... onegaishimasu ... pray 4 me.. plezz..