Tuesday, June 14, 2011

dont know... dont understand

Day after day... lots things happen here.. oh god...
How people nowadays.. did they not think of about right n wrong things happen around them??
Couple.. right or wrong?? indeed know it wrong but still?? what?? continue it as bless by friends n others.. did tht thing got bless by GOD?? 

How about aurat?? know tht thing we need to cover fully.. yup.. wear scarf ngee cover their hair how about their hand?? leg?? how?? did tht things not part of aurat?? jus because tht thing (to cover something) was gone or lost or i'm too lazy to take it... so wht??!! u wanna say sort of tht things " yeah i'm lazy to take it" or "it is hot to wear it" to ALLAH?? ....


didnt know tht ur aurat did not cover properly?? jus think by ur self... ~_~

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