Friday, October 7, 2011

Take me with U MY LORD & my Prophet~

this is life... face hardship n happiness..
this is the road we face every sec..minutes.. year.. decade..
fall n back  up to the road again..
someone u try to help push u back..wht can u say..
punch? kick? leave them away..its not the right way..
try hard as u can..n leave when u already workout..
even hard.. but yet tht it is..
ohh god.. after watch "lau kana bainanal habib" i cried~

i wanna see HIM our prophet if we can..
i wanna him to take me away from this world.. its hard to maintain lively love U ALLAH...
my heart broken many times...

try heal by myself by become more near to u..
let me be with u...
cause hard 4 me to become like Fatimah az-zahra ur daughter... Siti Khadijah ur 1st wife.. n Aishah.. in this world..
I cried my lord.. please...
let the light (NUR) in my heart shining back...
back my aim 1st love to U...
back to ISLAM..
no one can stop...
me to U...
take me when the moment come..
far from bad here~~
my hurt n pain be bandage by U..
only U...~~

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